Why Do the Warts Appear And How to Get Rid of Them with the Help of Different Methods:

Visualization Techniques, Symbolic Actions, Aromatherapy and etc.

The best thing to do before resorting to medical treatment is to test natural remedies. One of them is Wartrol which is a homeopathic treatment which has no side effects but at the same time is very effective.

A wart is a small tumor of the skin that lies mostly on the hands or feet.

These little rough growths that grow in the epidermis (outer layer of skin) are well defined and can reach a centimeter in diameter. Warts exist in different ways: isolated, clustered on the hands, face, back … While in most cases recovery is spontaneous and rapid, sometimes it’s rather difficult to get rid of them.

The origin

According to the followers of alternative medicine, the warts that often appear in children and adolescents represent fixations and emotional memories. They speak of fixed things in us, annoyances related prohibitions. They sign our sensitivity and our inability to express our feelings …

Far from being trivial, the wart can challenge us: what’s going on there in our lives? In what area do you feel unrecognized or “prevented”? Do we not receive the desired recognition events (warts on feet)?  Warts usually appear on the hands and feet, which shows the fact that a person has a voltage related, for example, with the family ….


Although the viral and physiological aspects are challenged, the origin of the warts is often recognized as psychological: they usually occur after a physical or emotional shock or if a person is nervous, hyper emotional or introverted. Periods of intense stress or exhaustion are conducive to the appearance of these warts, because they weaken the immune system.

A brief overview of some therapeutic approaches:

– Take a vegetarian diet, a detox diet, a diet of fruit or lemon water, etc … One of the most effective remedy is simply taking magnesium chloride for some weeks.

– Homeopathy as well gives good results (e.g. with Natrum sulfuricum, Calc, Thuja, Lycopodium, Sepia, etc.).

– Hypnosis and visualization techniques are simple and effective. Your task is to persuade the wart disappears. For example, in the case of visualization we imagine that the wart shrinks. Just a few minutes a day will create these images healing. The children are gifted to see the warts disappear. The technique is easy to implement: offer your child to imagine a white light that surrounding the wart  for a few minutes at bedtime and upon awakening.

– Like the previous techniques of self-persuasion, “symbolic actions” called “psychomagic” by the brilliant Alexandro Jodorowsky are terribly effective, especially on children, who are very sensitive to the magic stories. For example, you rub your warts with a bean, which is then thrown into a wet hole, saying: “In a fortnight the beans will rot and the wart will disappear. Do not think about the wart do not even look at it.” There are great chances that they disappear in two weeks!

– Each has ” grandmother’s recipes” based on potatoes, orange peel, dried snail (yes, they exist!) … Some people rub their warts with a raw potato in having in mind that a wart is a kind of trash … Others marinate the thin white skin of an orange or lemon in vinegar for 24 hours, let it lay overnight for 3 weeks. It is undeniable that the psychosomatic dimension here takes its full meaning.

– In herbal medicine the juice of celandine (collected by breaking the stem) is best known in the fight against warts. Its yellow sap is rich in toxic alkaloids and a daily application would be very effective (do not swallow it because the celandine is toxic internally). Castor oil and garlic are often taken too.

– Aromatherapy offers essential oils. Here is an example:
Cinnamon 1 drop
Savory 1 drop
Mandarin 1 drop
Lemon 2 drops
Usage is very simple: one drop of this mixture put on the wart every morning and night until disappearance. Do not use in pregnant women, nursing or child under 5 years.

– Conventional medicine offers localized treatment using products such as salicylic acid, liquid nitrogen which act by creating a local inflammation. The immune system is alerted to the presence of a foreign virus, which led him to take action to get rid of it. But in some cases the warts are unexpectedly large so laser or injections of interferon are used in these cases…