Who is at Risk of Becoming Infected with Genital warts, if Condoms can Defend from the HPV Virus and will Wartrol be able to treat genital warts?

They are such disease which is transmitted sexually and caused by a virus named the human papillomavirus. Genital warts can be either flat or elongated shaped cauliflower, and emerge on the genitals or in the region of the anus.

There are different types of HPV, and some of them have bigger resistance to treatment than others. Some of these viruses can cause certain types of genital cancer.

Who is at Risk of Becoming Infected with Genital warts, if Condoms can Defend from the HPV Virus and will Wartrol be able to treat genital warts?Genital warts are a widespread medical problem. They particularly affect people aged 20 to 30 years.

How do you become infected?

Mainly while having a sexual contact. In singular cases, it can spread through various mechanisms, including the use of infected towels. They can also infect a newborn during childbirth.

How do they become obvious?

They as a rule come out 2 to 4 weeks following the onset of the infection, but sometimes it takes them several months to appear.

Usually they are not painful but can be a reason of itching. Their appearance is varied and they may appear alone or in groups.

Genital warts are found around the penis in guys, but especially under the foreskin. They can as well be found in the urethra, in the rectum and anus.

In women, they occur on the vulva lips, vagina, urethra, rectum and around the anus.

Sometimes they are so flat that they are not observable to the naked eye, but they can be a reason of itching and burning. As explained below, in some cases, the doctor may diagnose their existence.

Who is at risk of becoming infected?

  • People who frequently change sexual partners
  • People who have sex without taking proper precautions.
  •  How can I prevent infection?

The usage of condoms during sexual intercourse won’t defend you from the risk of infection.!!!

Anyone thinking of being infected should consult a doctor. If warts are diagnosed, the person should be treated as all sexual partners.

The emergence of multiple genital warts quickly may indicate a disorder of immunity such as that caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS). In such cases you should be immediately examined by your doctor.

How does a doctor make diagnosis?

With a clinical examination.

In the case of warts that are not perceptible to the naked eye, the skin is covered with acetic acid. These genital warts appear as white spots.

What is the prognosis of genital warts?

Note that the treatment can run on for a long time, even for numerous months.

It is believed that some warts may cause changes in cervical cells and cause cancer of the genitals. Women who have warts in the vagina must be submitted to cytological examination, and receive appropriate treatment.

What is the treatment?

It is very vital that the affected person receives treatment as well as sexual partners, and the treatment is made in full.

When warts are small and few, they are easy to cure.

They can be treated with podophyllin, an extract of a plant resin that is applied directly on the warts.

Other ways to treat them are surgical excision, cryotherapy (or destruction of warts by freezing) and laser treatment.

Such homeopathic medicine as WARTROL has been successfully used in genital warts treatment. Note that this medicine has no side effects!!! So everyone can use it for genital warts treatment.