What is a wart, How to treat it and Wartrol?

Warts are skin contagious disease of viral origin; ones may disappear spontaneously without treatment.


Warts appear as small, hard tumors demarcated on the skin surface; when they grow on fingers, fingernails and feet they are usually the size of a pin.

Some pain and itching are common in plantar warts.


In general, warts disappear without specific treatment and complications are rare.

In exceptionally serious cases, one may encounter secondary warts infections, nail deformities, bleeding or persistent pain.


Warts are spread through skin contact with an individual who was infected or from objects contaminated by an infected individual.

The self-contamination is possible by transmitting viruses from one area to new regions of the body through the fingers.

Treatment of warts

Warts are extremely common illnesses but they have an aesthetic nuisance.

Medical treatments for warts are not specific but depend on the location of warts. Some specialists say that it is unnecessary to treat the warts with medication as these often disappear spontaneously. In children, healing is shorter, while for adults, the signs fade away in a few months.

Such homeopathic medicine as WARTROL is fruitfully used for treating all sorts of warts.

The application of plant on warts: onion, garlic, lemon peel, banana peel are harmless.

The other methods are different and can be prescribed by your doctor:

– Cryotherapy (cold application) is the most common method. Drugs containing salicylic acid-based or liquid nitrogen are generally used to burn the warts;

– Removal of warts by surgery or curettage;

– Injection of antiviral drugs on warts;

– Destruction of warts by laser.