Warts: to touch or not?

wart finger

In childhood we believed that everyone who touches a frog or a toad for sure soon will see on his or her hand a wart.But having a look at this problem medically the Amphibia are not guilty. So, warts are common for kids, teenagers and the aged. Quite often the warts pose no hazard to the person, but in some cases if the wart turns into something more serious and dangerous, it needs undelayed health intervention and even surgical procedure. But how should one know that this right wart on his or her skin is more than just unpleasant wart? So, let’s hunt down the question.

It is essential to realize that verucca is the indirect sign that points out the decrease in immunity. This idea can be improved by the fact that if everything is Ok is with  our immune system the HPV virus won’t have the chances for replication. Also, there is one more menace, which holds the possibility of turning into malignant tumors. To set your mind to ease, we should say that, fortunately, not all warts can turn into malignant tumors, but in some cases there can be such fear. For prevention such unpleasant moments as cancer, we should remove warts. It is vital to remove verucca until it hasn’t grown into cancer.

wart doctor

You should consult a doctor immediately in the following cases:

  • * if the wart pains or /and is traumatized quite often/ bleeds/ itches;
  • * if you’ve got warts on genitals;
  • * if the number of warts is proliferating;
  • * if the wart has got nonuniform color or changes it;
  • * if the wart changes its shape or is blurred.

So, all the cases mentioned above is the sign of your immediate visit to a doctor, cause these are the things that can herald the turning of wart into malignant tumor.

One of the most things that you should understand is that you should’t panic. Our prime goal is to notice the problem and not to delay the treatment.

One fact can be interesting that all the wars can be as mad as a March hare. In some cases they can disappear without any treatment, in other cases they can continue to exist even after the treatment. So, that’s why before starting the process of medication, we should keep watch it for a while, before planning the process of medication. And it’s vital for a patient to lead a healthy life and take care of his or her immune system.

It’s obvious that to decide to”touch the wart or not” can only a doctor, after the checkup and some observations and the results of analisys.

So, if you are hesitant about your warts or have got some symptoms written above, no doubt, go to doctor.

Be in good health!