Warts – They Need to be Treated

Warts are very common viral infection in children. They are infectious, although not in the way in which we usually use the term. Because warts are not spread by the air. They are spread by contact with infected skin surface.

You or your children can catch this virus in the pool, in the bathtub, in the shower – touching the person who has been infected with your bare skin. Although warts can occur in adults, children are as well vulnerable. HPV (human papillomavirus) occurs in nearly 80 per cent of people.


The most common variation is the so-called papillae. They are warts (common warts). On the baby’s skin usually appear flat, rough, painless nodules. They can have the color of the skin, sometimes grayish or brown, and the surface can have tiny black dots. At first we see on the baby’s skin rough highlight. After a while clumps merge into focus with an uneven surface. Warts usually attack the outer surfaces of the hands, fingers, feet or face. Symptoms appear from several weeks to several months after infection with the organism and last from several months to several years.

Another variation is warts on feet, located on the sole. Sometimes painful bruising, often become a nuisance when walking. Sometimes people mix up warts on the feet with the horny skin around the heels.