Warts on the Face and Some Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The wart on the face is treated as the plantar wart.

As the majority of benign skin tumors, warts can be treated. They appear on the face, the hands, soles of the feet, knees or elbows, and as a result various treatments are used.

Warts on the Face and Some Recipes of Traditional Chinese Medicine

For warts on the face, it may be beneficial to determine the type of tumor that spreads before any treatment. The most common are verrucous papillomas and flat warts. Moreover, it is vital to seek the advice of a doctor because the treatment depends not only on the type of wart but also on the number of warts and the various infected parts of the face. Cryotherapy with dry ice and liquid nitrogen is generally prescribed to patients who are victims of the warts on the face. The aim of this kind of treatment is to cool maximum warts to deteriorate within three weeks. To apply, dry ice less than 79 ° C and liquid nitrogen at minus 196 ° C are simply spread with a cotton swab on the infected areas. With the cold, wart solidifies and takes the form of a blister. After a few days, it will automatically fall.

Other treatments for warts on face

Another way to treat warts on the face like a flat or verrucous papilloma, is to use a keratolytic composition. To do it, prepare a solution containing lactic acid and salicylic acid and apply on warts daily. It should be noted that before the application of this solution the warts should first be filed down or scraped with a disposable instrument in order to minimize the risk of infection of the tumor.

The wart on the face can, as well, be treated by other chemical processes, such as electrocautery excision or a simple knife. CO2 laser treatment as well as electrocautery is also effective. In addition, many substances such as trichloroacetic acid, podophyllotoxin, retinoic acid or 5FU are used to treat warts on the face. However, they are classified as toxic and should be used with particular care. There are also other treatments for warts on the face apart from chemical treatments such as clinical care. It includes getting rid of the tumor using lotions and creams.

Treat a wart on the face by homeopathy and plants

WARTROL is also a substance widely used to get rid of a wart on the face that has no any side effects but, at the same time, shows high results in treating warts.

Different herbal remedies are also available. China cinnamon is an effective remedy. A small drop of essential oil extracted from the leaves of this plant is mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, then add a drop of gasoline tangerine peel and a little oil of winter savory. The mixture is applied on the warts for eight weeks at the rate of twice a day. It is recommended do the application in the morning and evening. Traditional Chinese Medicine is full of many wart remedies against the warts on face. Many of these herbs are used in herbal medicine to cure warts that remain after months of clinical treatments or chemicals. Furthermore phytotherapy and aromatherapy, homeotherapy is also an effective technique to treat warts on the face. However, due to their uncertain nature, these treatments are rarely used.

Surgery can overcome a wart on the face

Changes in diet can, in some cases, overcome warts that occur on the face. According to some scientists, unbalanced diet can cause tumors. The wart on the face may remain between two to four years. Surgery can be scheduled when the wart worsens and causes inflammation of the face.