Warts in Children and How to Get Rid of them

Of course, everybody knows what warts are and you may have had warts yourself when you were a child. But here it is different; you want to treat your child without it being too painful.

Warts are very common, especially among children and adolescents. They are caused by virus (HPV) and form a small growth on the skin. Most often, they are located on the hands and fingers (verruca vulgaris) and on the soles of the feet (plantar wart). Warts are benign growths, but they can be annoying or even painful.Warts in Children and How to Get Rid of them

Because most warts disappear spontaneously after 2 years, you can wait a bit and let the immune system work.

Homeopathy is preferably for children as it is easy to use and, what’s more, it allows to eliminate many warts. It may be suck granules or tablets! As a rule, homeopathy is widely used for many childhood problems. For more information on these treatments see info on WARTROL which is wholly safe and very effective homeopathic medicine. Some sessions of WARTROL will be enough to get rid of all kinds of warts!

Local treatments are also fairly easy to use. This is generally products based on salicylic acid to be applied to the warts. But these treatments are quite restrictive for children.

Cryotherapy for children (it “freezes” the wart with liquid nitrogen application) is a last choice to choose as it is quite painful. Although most dermatologists prescribe ointment Emla ®, it is not always sufficient to ensure proper anesthesia.

Some useful tips:

– Examine your child closely to ensure that there are no other warts,

– Avoid taking baths with siblings,

– Remember that such things as towel and washcloth are only for personal use,

– Protect the wart to prevent your child from the grip or tries to scratch it but also avoid contaminating other people,

– If it is a plantar wart, do not hesitate to make child wear plastic sandals to go the beach or to the swimming pool.