Warts and their Treatment

Warts Symptoms

Frankly speaking almost everybody knows what warts are and their look. Warts are usually not dangerous growths on the skin that as a rule disappear in some period of time. It’s really true that warts can be contagious, but spreading from person to person is in fact rare. What’s more, warts may be ugly and be a reason of pain on the feet. But call your attention to the fact that there are different kinds of the warts and their look is really very differ from each other. Here we discuss the most widespread symptoms of warts. So you should be worry if you notice:

– unusually dark or light skin nearby the lesion

– several either tiny or smooth or flat lesions on your face

– any growths beneath fingernails or toenails but warts can grow around them too

– painful growths on soles of feet

How to Diagnose Warts

Actually, diagnosing warts isn’t very difficult because they are in fact very widespread and have definite form and place of growth. But sometimes physicians take biopsy to be sure they deal with warts because, for example corn, callus, skin cancer have analogous appearance.

How to Treat Warts

There are some kinds of warts treatment. Here we describe some of them. Actually, to get rid from the warts you can use over-the-counter medicines, for example Wartrolwhich is wholly natural and has no any side effects.

But if you have painful plantar warts you can as well buy special medicines at the chemist’s.

As for doctors, for removing persistent warts they often prescribe such strong enough medicines as podophyllin or salicylic acid. In addition, your doctor may prescribe surgical removal or cryotherapy (freezing). As well, electrocautery (burning), or laser cure is available.

What’s more, sometimes physicians may prescribe immunotherapy, which is usually done by imiquimod. But note that this substance can be e reason of allergic reactions.

But women should note that if you want to avoid such illnesses as cervical cancer that is often caused by genital warts.

The only thing you shouldn’t do is to get rid from the warts yourself by cutting them not to damage your skin.

Warts Difficulties

If don’t treat warts you’ll suffer from the following states:

– warts will grow and spread on your body

– disappearing warts may come back

When to Visit Your Doctor

You should visit the doctor without delay in the cases if:

– you notice any signs of infection

– warts are bleeding

– warts are very hurting

– visit your doctor not strong enough immune system.

PS Call your attention to a such natural medicine as WARTROL