Warts and Pool

A wart is a benign disease that occurs due to a virus. The virus gets into through the skin and form a small “growth.” You can get warts on the hands or the feet (plantar warts) and other parts of the body.

Warts and pool: how to protect ourselves?Warts and Pool

 Warts are contagious, especially in humid environments such as the swimming pool. But the pool is not necessarily a factor, and there are other ways of getting warts. If you’ve already caught a wart in the pool it means that you are particularly sensitive to this virus. Children are more likely to get warts.

 If a family member has a wart, try to get a perfect hygiene to minimize contact with the wart: Do not walk barefoot, do not buy sales (clothing, towels, etc.).. In the pool walk in the pool shoes not transmit the virus to others.

How to treat a wart?

It is often difficult to know how you caught a wart, and if the pool is “responsible” for this infection. In all cases, consult your doctor.

A wart may disappear without treatment, but it takes several months or even years. Different treatments exist that can burn or freeze the wart. Your doctor or dermatologist will carefully explain the different options. It is possible to remove the wart once, or make a longer treatment.

The pool can be a place conducive to the spread of warts, but it doesn’t mean that you should stay away from the swimming pool. People who have warts just should observe hygiene to avoid the infection.