Wart cure

The remedy for wart: the grandmother’s tricks for treatment.

The wart is a benign infection that can be treated with old grandmother’s recipes.

To treat, there are also other options:

  • conventional medical treatments,
  • homeopathy (medicines like WARTROL),
  • natural solutions like herbal remedies (anti wart plant, celandine, etc..) or use essential oil for warts.

Wart cure: importance of the psychological effect

The main cure of a wart is psychological.

Folk medicine recommends several psychological treatments to cure a wart.

Here are the most popular:

“Take a brown in the left hand”

“Watch the wart asking it to leave.”

This can lead to smile, but do not forget that the psychological factor is important in the healing of the wart.

Cure for warts: grandmother’s remedies



Applying a slug on the wart.

Used by our grandmothers, the remedy for wart is often followed by a recovery in a few weeks.


Fresh or pureed, apply directly to the wart overnight.

Be careful to protect your skin with a bandage around anti-horns because garlic can also attack healthy skin around.

Garlic has antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties that could be effective against some warts.


Marinate zest in vinegar for 3 days.

Apply to the wart overnight (protect with an adhesive bandage).

The next day the wart will be softened, the skin will be replenished in a few days.

If the wart is more than 7 mm in diameter, make this application for 2 days.


The therapist tells the patient that the wart disappears.

This method treats common and plantar warts.

Hypnosis stimulates the immune system.


Soak the wart in warm water (water at 44 ° C, 30 minutes per day for 3 days, followed by 2 additional days after 2 weeks).

This treatment would work in most cases.


Imagine that the wart is shrinking for some minutes every day and create images of healing.

Kids are gifted to imagine the warts vanishing.


Constantly keep the wart covered with a tiny piece of duct tape and replace if necessary.

The wart is left uncovered overnight at the end of each week.

The irritation caused by the duct tape activates the immune system to kill the virus.

This treatment is not recommended for facial warts, ones located near a nail and in the genital or anal area.