Using Curcumin Extract for Getting Rid of Warts Forever

Sometimes people don’t want to spend their money on expensive warts treatment or they don’t have enough time for visiting their doctor, then these easy tips are for such people.

Use curcumin extract for warts removing as curcumin is anti-viral, and papaya has been demonstrated to fight HPV. This method is really successful against flat warts, which are usually placed on the hand. Flat warts are often rather difficult in treating and what’s more, they often stay on the hands even after the body has obtained resistance to the HPV virus. With the help of this method you will remove your warts without freezing.

Visit a health store and buy their curcumin extract which made of turmeric, vitamin E oil, papaya extract or so called papain that can be purchased as a powder or in pill form.

Wipe the wart and nearby skin with goldenseal alcoholic extract, that stimulates immune activity in this place.

After that you should take either pin or sharp needle, the thing that is very thin, and plunge this thing into the curcumin. Then push sharp item deep into the wart until it doesn’t hurt. Try to make some holes to allow more curcumin get into the wart.

Put the left over paste over the wart region and wrap with medical tape because the paste may dirty clothes neon yellow.