Some Unusual but Useful Tips on Getting Rid Of Warts

Some Unusual but Useful Tips on Getting Rid Of Warts

Frankly speaking, nowadays Wartrol is really number one product that really will help you to get rid of all types of warts including genital warts. However, if you are short of money or just want to try other methods you may try the following ones:

Use may use aspirin to remove your warts

First, you should take some tablets of aspirin and grind them mixing with some drops of water. After that you should take the blend and place it onto the area where the wart is located. Place a bandage above this mixture and go to bed. In the morning you may take away the bandage and wash the area with the wart. Repeat this action until the wart goes away.

Note that aspirin is the kind of Salycilic Acid which is rather cheaper than other commercial treatments.

You can as well burn your wart

To burn the wart off you should light a match, quickly blow it out and touch it to the wart without delay while the match’s head is hot enough. However, try not to damage the skin around the wart. This will cause a mild swelling effect that starts a healing reply. This technique is really successful to be used on the rough skin of the hands and feet.

Wet the layer of infected skin in warm water and scrub it off, then cover it with a list of aloe. Fix this with a bandage or a band aid.

If you are a brave person it will be possible for you to use either an incense stick or cigarette to burn the warts. But be very careful and just hold the hot stick close to the wart for as much as it is possible to bear, and take away it at once when it is becoming too painful.

Do this procedure some times to achieve good results.