Skin infections has papillomavirus: warts

What is it  ?

This is particularly frequent benign tumors in children. They can be of different types, including warts. They can be:
Vulgar: they often form small elevations on the skin, light colored and have a rough surface, especially on the hands.
Plain: they look like small raised areas of skin, flesh-colored and flat, have smooth surface, and place particularly on the legs, forearms, hands and face.
Plantar: As their name suggests they are placed on the soles of the feet and can be deep or “mosaic”.
Verrucous papillomas: they form a sort of little horn placed on a dome of skin, especially on the face and limbs

Why do warts appear ?

They are because of human papillomavirus (HPV or HPV) responsible for warts (genital warts). Papilloma viruses that tend to infect the skin are the HPV 2, 4, 8, 14, 29, 36, 46 …
HPV infects the skin and makes it produce more virus (replicate it) but it as well is a reason of the cutaneous horn (keratinization) and the warts appearance.
Infection with HPV generally takes place if there is a direct contact with a wart or infected thing (for example, scissors), especially if there is a small scratch of the skin (eczema, small wounds …) that makes available the penetration of the virus in the skin.
Infection with HPV is frequent in such conditions if the skin is weakened and traumatized (in the pool, gym …).


There are many treatment options, but those that have been most well studied and are showing efficacy are probably:
cryotherapy: application of liquid nitrogen or dry ice to the infected skin. The application of keratolytic medicines (most often it is salicylic acid). As for homeopathic treatment, the most widespread treatment of warts is with the help of WARTROL.