The Whole Truth About Warts

Warts can last for months or years and disappear overnight. Their persistence depends on their viral origin. There are more than sixty different kinds of viruses of papilloma. Some strains are more serious others.

The papillomas are responsible for warts; warts on the mouth, larynx or uterus can escalate and require special monitoring. Only the diagnosis of a dermatologist can assess the severity of a wart.

Common warts

Grayish, raspy, isolated or in clusters they often appear on wrists, elbows and knees. They also sometimes choose the edges of the nail.
The combination treatment of the salicylic acid, lactic acid in a solution of collodion or cryocoagulation and liquid nitrogen is often used for warts treating. Dryness and the laser power are sometimes used.
In one third of cases, these warts can reappear after treatment. But do not try to eliminate them by grating the horny layer that protects them, because of the real risk of infection to the surrounding healthy skin.

Flat warts

They are smooth, round, yellowish sometimes grouped on the face and back of hands; a large wart (mother) is surrounded by smaller ones (kids). Their current treatment can be Wartrol.

Pedunculated warts

They are pulled out easily and quickly spread to the face, neck or lips. They are handled by laser.

The warts (genital warts).

Sexually transmitted, they are pink or whitish, and sometimes in case of infection a person can notice mucus. They grow on the genital area of men and women. Their association with local cancer process requires close monitoring, particularly in women. The partner must be monitored and treated. The treatment of these warts are always difficult and can be surgical (laser or cryotherapy) in case of significant warts spreading. Chemotherapy is sometimes used locally.

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