Men and HPV. Men’s Health Problems which are Caused by HPV

Nowadays there is hardly a person in the world that has never heard about HPV or medically called Genital Human Papillomavirus that is a common virus. Statistics points out that the majority of sexually active men and women in the US will be infected with HPV earlier or later in their lives.

About 40 types of HPV which can infect the men’s genital areas such as the skin on and around the penis or anus are spread through sexual intercourse. The awful thing is that ones can as well transmit a disease to the mouth and throat.

Men’s Health Problems which are Caused by HPV

Frankly speaking, the majority of men who had been infected with any type of HPV never experienced any symptoms. However you should note that some HPV types can be a reason of genital warts, at the same time as others can cause anal, penile, neck, and head cancers. Of course the HPV types which cause genital warts and cancer are different.

How Often Do Men have HPV-related Health Problems?

As for genital warts, approximately 1% of sexually active men in the US have ones. Yearly about 850 men get HPV-related penile cancer, 1150 men get HPV-related anal cancer, 5500 men get HPV-related head and neck cancers.

Note that some men are in more danger of developing HPV-related diseases than others. And they are who :

  • have sex with other men ( 17 times more expected to get anal cancer if compared with ones who have sex with women).
  • have damaged immune systems or HIV.
  • note that men with HIV are as well more probable to suffer from severe cases of genital warts which are difficult to treat.

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