Some Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Different Kinds of Warts

Some Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Different Kinds of Warts
Use warm salt water or sea salt for removing warts.
First you should immerse the wart in warm salt water for about 15 minutes to wet the skin.

Then you should rub off the dead skin from the surface of the wart with, for example, a piece of mild sandpaper, nail file or pumice stone and so on. But you should be very carefully because warts can quickly spread.

When you scratch the wart’s surface, you should put a little amount of rough sea salt with a smooth outside. Then wet the wart and salt a little putting the salt specks to wart. After that you should cover this with a tape or band-aid to prevent salt from emptying. Keep the salt for some days, changing it after having a shower.

Use pumice and hot water for removing warts.

From the very beginning wet your wart in hot water to make it softened and then scratch it down with the help of a piece of pumice, scratch the wart until you achieve normal skin.

Then you should take some bleach and put it on a piece of cotton and cover the wart for about 15 minutes. Don’t worry if it stings a little. Usually you’ll get rid of the wart from the first time, but if not, you may repeat this procedure one more time or more. As you see, this way of removing warts is really very fast and successful but be careful and wash the skin thoroughly after using bleach.