Is It True that ill Humor can Lead to Warts Appearing?

Cutaneous warts:

These benign lesions of the skin, caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), often appear on the back surface of the fingers and hands or on the the feet soles (plantar warts).

The most typical sorts of warts are the following:

– Common warts often dome higher or lower on the fingers and hands;

Plantar wart is flat and painful and indurated, grows on the  feet soles;

– Flat warts which are not painful;

– And filiform warts, small buds which often grow on the face.Is It True that ill Humor can Lead to Warts Appearing?

They are not sexually transmitted warts, unlike genital warts (condyloma acuminata) which proliferate in vaginal and vulvar mucosa and the glans penis.

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Risks and consequences of skin warts

According to the French Society of Dermatology, cutaneous warts concern one out of four (26%) individuals in France. Children from 5 to 15 years are subjected to common warts from 50 to 70%, and plantar warts from 20 to 30%.

Cutaneous warts are not dangerous but unsightly, repulsive when they are numerous. They are also painful at times, such as plantar warts, which can cause discomfort while walking. They may even deform a nail (periungual warts).

When they appear in large numbers, they report a decrease of the immunity (AIDS, anti-transplant rejection) that requires a specific treatment.

Causes and origins of skin warts

Cutaneous warts are contagious. Some people are more sensitive than others. The virus is spread through the contact:

– Direct (scratching your own warts, warts or contact with others)

– Or indirect (walking on contaminated soil or use of contaminated things).

Two factors contribute to penetration of the virus through the skin: physical proximity (sharing toiletries, sleeping in the same bed), small wounds (erosion, cut), hot and humid environments (swimming pools, showers, sports clubs …). Some occupations are at higher risk for this reason: butcher, veterinary, poultry slaughterer, fishmonger.

Psychological factors (depression, fatigue, shock) lead to the warts appearance, and on the contrary, warts disappear if immunity is strong. In fact, skin warts are more common in people with poor immunity. Appeared in large numbers is sometimes the first sign of HIV infection or even AIDS (HIV disease).