Can young men also get HPV?

Yes, young men are likely to contract the virus. Everyone, man or woman who is sexually active is really at great risk. In fact, 75% of sexually active Canadians will meet with an HPV infection at least once during their lives. Most HPV infections occur among people aged 15 to 24 years.

How young men are affected by HPV?
Actually, genital warts are the most common symptom of HPV among young men. Indeed, genital warts appear and affect more often in young men than in young women. Rare cases of cancer are also caused by HPV. What’s more, up to 90% of anal cancers (more widespread among men who have sexual intercourse with other men), between 40 and 50% of cancers of the penis and between 10 and 20% of oral cancers, sometimes head and neck cancers are also caused by HPV. These cancers are usually developed in later life.

Genital warts -are they a symptom of HPV?

Genital warts are really can be the only symptom of HPV infection. In fact, genital warts are the most frequent symptom of HPV among young men. It may be that you could see with the naked eye or feel one or more warts on the penis, scrotum, or for example, thighs or anus by sight or touch. They may look like tiny cauliflowers. However, sometimes warts are not noticeable because they are placed inside the anus. Despite the fact that they are rather disgusting, most of them are not aching. They can sometimes cause itching or burning sensation.

Some studies have demonstrated that two out of three people who have sex with someone who has genital warts will be infected then.

If you make out warts, sores, white patches, blisters or anything unusual on your genitals, or if you feel burning sensation, pain or itching you should go to your clinic or consults your doctor.

Can I treat genital warts?

On the one hand – yes, genital warts are treated. And they can be treated even at home with, for example such homeopathic supplement like WARTROL, and in other cases, clinically, with drugs or by using cryotherapy or surgery. However, there is no treatment nowadays that can destroy the virus itself. Even if the warts disappear, the HPV is not cleared so far. 4 once the warts come back in three months.

Once HPV comes into your body, it stays there forever. At times it is dormant. This denotes you do not notice or experience any symptoms of the virus. However, it can occur at any time, for instance, like warts.

Can young men be vaccinated against HPV?

It’s really the fact that young men can get HPV vaccine. Health Canada in 2010 has approved vaccination against HPV for young men aged between 9 and 26 years.

Am I protected if my partner has been vaccinated against HPV?

If your partner has been vaccinated, it is less likely to be infected with HPV types that the vaccine prevents from. Two vaccines are now obtainable in Canada, one that protects against strains of type 16 and 18 and the other against other four types.

But that does not mean that you are fully protected against HPV infection. Your girlfriend may carry other types of HPV. If she has had sex before being vaccinated, she may become infected with an HPV types against which the vaccines don’t offer protection. Vaccination can only prevent infection, it cannot treat or cure an HPV infection that already presents.

In 2010 Health Canada approved the vaccine against HPV for young men aged between 9 and 26 years. So you can now better protect youself by making vaccinate.

Moreover, it is always necessary to have safer sex practices because your partner may have contracted other STDs.