Benign warts are contagious, plus sometimes they are embarrassing and unsightly. The most typical questions people ask are the following questions: How to get rid of them? What solutions are currently available to treat a wart? When treating a wart? What grandmother remedies are there to remove warts? Should I go to a doctor or dermatologist? Can such homeopathic medicine as WARTROL be used in treating warts?

EHOW TO TREAT A WART?tc…Here we try to answer on some of these questions.

Warts are small skin growths of varying sizes; most of them are often located on the feet or hands. They are also more or less numerous, sometimes grouped, otherwise isolated.

Very common in children and young adults, warts are harmless and often they disappear spontaneously within a few months.

In some cases, however, they persist, spread and are annoying, plus there is the risk of infecting others. We must then decide to treat them.

Genital warts are warts that look like warts but which are located around the vulva, anus and penis, which are related to a sexually transmitted disease.

Visiting a doctor or dermatologist

The doctor first confirms that it is a wart or not a wart, and then selects the most appropriate method:

Removal of the wart with a curette or scalpel, or an electrical appliance.

  • Cauterization of the wart with salicylic acid.
  • Freezer burn with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy).
  • Burning laser.

Warning: some of these treatments may require several sessions.

Self-medication is also possible for treating warts

Some tips on using wart medicines

Apply medicines only to the wart avoiding surrounding skin.

  • Do not apply on the warts located on the face or genitals.
  • In case of diabetes or slow healing, you should consult your doctor before using such products.
  • The lack of effectiveness after a few months should lead to visit.

Homeopathy against warts:

One of the most effective homeopathic medicines is WARTROL. This medicine is wholly safe and very successful in treating all sorts of warts.

Aromatherapy against warts:

Essential oil of savory mountains carvacrol and essential oil of cinnamon 5 ml (application swab 2-4 times per day) can be used for warts treating.

Apply a waterproof dressing type plaster for 6 days.

At night leave the wart in the open air and then try again.

Cryotherapy kit:

Apply a tip cold (-50 ° C) for 30 to 60 seconds.

What remedies grandmother to remove warts?

Rub the wart every night with a slice of potato, oil of cloves of garlic, aloe juice, green fig latex …

  • Eat garlic, onion, almonds, lemons, figs, walnuts and sprinkle salads yeast flakes.
  • Apply a compress soaked in vinegar daily for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Apply somewhat latex flowing from the rod of a dandelion daily.
  • Apply several times a day tincture of hydrastis.