How are Plantar Warts Usually Treated?

Unfortunately, everyone can get one day plantar warts; generally, we can catch them when walking on wet soils, such as pool decks. But having a plantar wart is not a terrible disease, but it’s contagious, it is why it is vital to treat ones quickly.

Here is some info to give you different tricks to rid of plantar warts.

How is a plantar wart treated?


You can be prescribed to treat this kind of warts with the help of homeopathy by a dermatologist or doctor; logically thanks to homeopathy after 3 months the warts become totally black and fall by themselves. WARTROL is one of the most effective homeopathic medicines.

There are some grandmother and the skin specialists’ methods to rid of a plantar wart:


This recipe has made this evidence. In fact, simply cut a garlic clove and rub garlic on the wart. However, the best solution is to let a small piece of garlic be on the wart throughout the night and after a few weeks the wart will completely disappear.

The Lemon and Vinegar

This is a cure of grandmothers, they mix lemon zest with vinegar and place the mixture on the wart; after a few days and after several applications the wart will dry and it will be simply removed with a fingernail.

The Balm Pig

This balm is the balm that is only prescribed by a physician. But beware, the application must be made primarily on the wart, because it is a powerful balm and it can tend to burn the skin of some people; if this is your case, you should stop treatment and proceed to something else.

The dermatologist

If one goes to a skin specialist for warts treatment, he/she may be prescribed creams or so, depending on the depth of the wart. There will be no recourse to burn the wart if the wart is not very big.

Plantar warts are caught mainly in wet places, for instance swimming pools. So, it is commended for ones who travel frequently to the pool to wear sandals or flip flops.