Get Rid of Warts Easily

Everyone knows warts, they are small rough and unsightly bumps. They are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus and can be contagious.

The virus gets under the skin through a little wound or cut or scratch. The virus must cross the wall of the immune system and if it happens it multiplies and promotes cell proliferation in this area. Warts are found everywhere, mainly on the hands, however they can also appear on the back, face or other body parts.

Often we were infected with warts in childhood. But the incubation period is long so we do not know when and in what circumstances the virus entered our body.Get Rid of Warts Easily

There are a number of kinds of warts:

– Common warts are usually painless.

– The plantar wart as its name says, grows under the foot, and they are more troublesome.

Contagion can occur in pools, direct skin to skin, beaches, etc…

Most warts disappear after a few months. Even when they look unattractive, they are mostly harmless. However we still recommend not to scratch them.

Some symptoms should be taken seriously:

– When the wart becomes painful

– When there are the underlying tissue distorts (around a nail, for example)

– When the wart grows too long and tends to multiply.

– When bleeding occurs frequently.

– The warts appearance also may seem suspect (some of them may become malignant).

– Redness indicating that the wart is infected

Warts removing

With any simple tricks you can remove warts very quickly.

– Focus a magnifying glass sunlight on the wart, but be careful not to burn the surrounding tissue around the wart. Do it for 5 minutes and for 3 consecutive days. The wart falls alone, all black. I did it for friends and it is truly spectacular.

– Rub garlic or onion several times a day on the wart. Or you can set up a small pile of crushed garlic on the wart maintained by a bandage. Renew it daily.

– In the same vein use the fresh sap of dandelion.

– Use green clay poultice, put it on the wart and renew every day. You can change clay poultices into raw onions.

– Another thing that works very well is the tape on the wart. The wart falls after 15 days to 3 weeks.

– Use Wartrol which is wholly safe and very effective for treating all kinds of warts.

– If you want to cure the wart with juice, choose the red beet juice or strawberry one.

– The comfrey poultice and grated directly on the wart, makes it disappear as if by magic.

– The useful plants in the case of recurrence: Garlic, cabbage, walnut.

– The grapefruit seed extract is also effective to prevent and cure warts.

– The lemon peel, soaked in vinegar for 8 days and applied to the wart. The wart turns black and falls.

– If the warts tend to occur often, it will be good to you to have magnesium supplement.

– Apply ivy directly to the wart that have previously been soaked in vinegar for a day and keep the poultice overnight.