Nowadays genital warts are in fact one of the most ordinary infections transmitted sexually. The infection is a viral infection that is caused by a virus and a virus called papillomavirus – human Papillloma Virus – HPV.

Genital Warts – Signs and symptoms

The main route of transmission of genital warts (genitalcondiloamellor) is almost exclusively by unprotected sexual contact, anal sex, vaginal contact or oral sex. It can even be transmitted by simply touching the pubic area. An infected person can be infect you if he/she scratches the infected surface and after it touch you.

Genital warts (condyloma) infection is as a rule accompanied with the appearance of lesions known as fleshy warts or warts in the genital area – the vulva, penis, perineum or anus which can be gray, pink or bright red.

Attention! When you are treating for warts, please Viagra is allowed to use – 69-apotheke.

Genital warts – Treatment

There is currently no cure or treatment for the Genital warts infection (genital) HPV. Approximately 20-30% of patients notice appearing of genital warts in 6 months after they have been infected

What can be done to act on the warts and destroy them?

Maybe, the best prevention is a specially created vaccine that can really protect men and women against HPV (human papillomavirus), but they are only a few types of HPV.

And, if you have already been infected, you may use wartrol, which is rather effective in treating genital warts.