Genital Warts Symptoms

Call your attention to the fact that the infection with HPV HPV-6 and HPV-11can usually be a reason of Genital Warts and as a matter of fact they are responsible for more than 90% of all genital warts infections, at the same time as the infection with HPV-6 is more than three times widespread than with HPV-11. It’s awful but you can be infected with genital warts during months or even years after being infected with HPV. It depends on a person. You don’t feel any pain but genital warts are very revolting and very much distressing for the infected persons.

More usually genital warts are spread in such anogenital regions as inside and outside the vagina or around the anus in women and on the tip of penis, scrotum or around the anus in men. Genital warts in addition can appear in the mouth or throat if a person has oral sex with an infected person however such cases are singular. From the very beginning genital warts typically appear in clusters as pink-to-brown papules or nodules a little as a pin head but sooner or later they make bigger and sometimes they can cover the whole genital region. Genital warts besides size and quantity which can differ from person to person as well have different forms: like small heads of cauliflower, flat, filiform, pear and giant. Genital warts are very distressing as for size and forms that’s why the person who has them is trying to get rid of them as quickly as he can for the reason that they are scary and highly contagious. Genital warts can make bigger or stay the same and they can even disappear in some people if you won’t treat them.

It’s really true that there are a number of ways to eliminate genital warts but in 20 to 30% of cases they can appear again for unidentified reasons. In addition, the elimination of genital warts does not get rid of HPV infection and that’s why it is extremely significant to practice safe sex even when you get rid of genital warts.