Genital Warts. My Own Experience

To tell the truth, nobody likes warts especially genital warts. Me too. Genital warts are the most widespread STI and moreover some kinds of HPV cause cervical cancer. And very often a little bump may look like a wart but in reality it is a precancerous growth.

I want to say that you should get such bumps looked at by a physician immediately when you notice them. Don’t pass the time.

Recently I noticed one bump down there thought it was a pimple. However 3 or more grew in a month. I tried to visit my gynecologist as quick as I can.

But before visiting my doctor I tried apple cider vinegar to get rid of genital warts. But my gynecologist just placed acid on them to treat them. I was amazed when in some weeks two of them disappeared wholly. And one more visit to my doc helped me to get rid of other warts. To relieve and ease inflammation I used oil of coconut and aloe Vera on the damaged skin.

My doctor said to me an interesting fact – if you are not smoker, genital warts as a rule go away in a year or a year and a half.  At the same time if a person smokes, it takes him three or even more years to get rid of genital warts.

Some tips which also helps to faster warts treating:

  • taking vitamin c;
  • wearing comfy underwear that neither rub nor restrict your skin;
  • reducing stress;
  • eating healthy food;
  • doing sports;

Moreover, in my opinion it’s vital to be honest with your partner!

Do not be careless and go to your doctor to treat genital warts to get fast results.

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