Genital Warts in Men

You can see much info about human papillomavirus or HPV virus in women since this virus increases their danger of catching cervical cancer. However, men as well often have this kind of virus. That’s why it’s significant for every man to know how to decrease the possibility of HPV infection.

This virus can raise a risk of catching genital cancers by men, though these kinds of cancers are not widespread in men. However human papillomavirus as well causes genital wart in men, just like in women.
As a matter of fact more than 50 per cent of sexually active men in the US had or will have HPV earlier or in future in their life. Frequently, the virus disappears in men on its own, without any health problems.Genital Warts in Men

Men and Risks of HPV

There are about 600 types of HPV virus and about 30 of them can cause genital cancers, for example cancer of the anus or penis in men. Frankly speaking, mentioned above cancers are not very widespread. According to American Cancer Society estimations in year 2006 approximately 1,500 men in the U.S. had cancer of the penis. And more than 1,900 men had got a diagnosis of cancer of anus.

It was found out that the danger of anal cancer is less in men who have sexual contact only with women, and this risk is about 15 times higher in bisexual and sexually active gays.Men with HIV are as well in danger of catching this cancer.

As for other kinds of HPV virus, they can hardly cause cancer in men, however they can be the reason of genital warts.