Genital Warts in Kids and Sexually Active Teens

If a child got genital warts, it could be a mark of sexual abuse.evertheless, the HPV can as well be spread through nonsexual contact while a babysitter changes your child  a diaper or gives your  child a bath. After that a child can as well infect itself because it very often touches warts on its genital area and then touch healthy area on its body.

Genital Warts in Kids and Sexually Active TeensThough the HPV virus is transmitted throughout skin-to-skin contact, not every person who’s been contacted with the HPV virus gets genital warts.On the contrary, very often people contacted with infected persons have no genital warts thanks to their strong immune system which clear the virus. However, genital warts appear if the HPV isn’t cleared away wholly from the person’s body.

Do not stay genital warts untreated because they usually grow bigger and can quickly multiply. Sometimes warts disappear on their own without cure. However, you should not ignore genital warts as they can be quickly spread to other people.

There is no doubt that it’s really very important to talk about sex with your teen if he\she is going to become sexually active or already has begun having sex. Tell your teen about STDs and how they are spread (when having anal, oral and vaginal sex). Call his\her attention to the fact that these kinds of infections may have no symptoms, and as a result a partner can infect him\her with an STD without witting it.

To tell the truth, it is not easy to talk with your teens about STDs, however youth must have this information to be protected and healthy just as with any other medical diseases. Give your child as many facts as you can, and let him\her know where you stand.

What is more, having regular full physical exams (screening for STDs can be included) for all teens is as well significant. Sometimes it is easier for teens to talk with a gynecologist or a specialist in adolescent medicine than with parents about sexual health diseases. Moreover, in your local area additional guidance can be given by sexual counseling centers and community health organizations.

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