Gardasil: is it Really Safe for Girls or NOT?

DNA fingerprinting of Gardasil are found in the bodies of young girls victims of vaccine.

Recently in the history of vaccination it was discovered a biological mechanism that explains a serious side effect of Gardasil.Gardasil: is it Really Safe for Girls or NOT?

A recent study, which was published in November 2012 in the journal Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, reveals evidence that viral components of the Gardasil vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) can penetrate through the brain barrier and trigger cerebral vasculitis, rare and severe form of the brain inflammation which can cause severe autoimmune disorders and can be even e reason of death.

An autopsy of two girls, one aged 19 and the other girl was 14, who were living at opposite sides of the globe and died immediately after receiving the vaccine; a study was conducted by Dr. Chris Shaw from Canada and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic from Vancouver.

Their work revealed that fragments of HPV-16L1 antigens used in the vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix were in the central nervous system of the victims. According to the authors of the study, these particles represent the genetic fingerprint of Gardasil and clearly show that it is responsible for severe effects on some young women who receive it.

Theoretically, these antigens cannot penetrate into the cervical barrier, but this work proves otherwise and what’s more, the researchers found in the tissue of the brain of 2 victims an increase in T lymphocytes.

“Our study supposes that HPV vaccines having HPV-16L1 antigen present a potential risk of triggering autoimmune vasculopathies. ‘

According to the group Sanevax these groundbreaking work explains for the first time recognized but unexplained accidents caused by vaccines, especially as Gardasil is linked to serious adverse effects (27 485) and no less than 121 deaths.

Do not forget, anyway, vasculitis that have long been regarded as responsible for severe reactions to vaccines, molecular mimicry is considered a mechanism of vaccines capable of generating of autoimmune diseases; the research Tomljenovic Shaw and databases of VAERS reports show many accidents related to vasculitis and caused by Gardasil. Vasculitis appears in three or four months after this vaccination. Even if it’s not recognized, girls suffer from persistent migraine, syncope, seizures, tremor, myalgia, abnormal locomotor psychotic symptoms or cognitive deficits.

In addition, the autopsy of the two cases did not reveal any abnormalities or anatomic or microbiological or toxicological which could be considered as a possible reason of death.

So, it’s important to determine if the aluminum used in vaccines is dangerous or not, or whether simply remain present only in the injected part. This aluminum seeps into the cerebral system, thus affecting our inner personality, even if it does not kill.

The time has come to stop these human sacrifices for the well-being of others, to admit the futility and danger of vaccines.