How to Get Rid of Warts

The following treatments are available to get rid of all unsightly growths. (By the way, what is the cause of warts?)They are usually benign, painless and disappear by themselves. But few skin diseases are also irritating and ugly as warts are growths contagious and non-cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and can occur at any age.


Benign warts are contagious, plus sometimes they are embarrassing and unsightly. The most typical questions people ask are the following questions: How to get rid of them? What solutions are currently available to treat a wart? When treating a wart? What grandmother remedies are there to remove warts? Should I go to a doctor or dermatologist? Can such homeopathic medicine as WARTROL be used in treating warts?

HPV vaccine: defense against the anus cancer

HPV viruses are responsible for more than 80% of anal cancers, a rather rare disease. Studies (Cancer 2010) have shown that a change in sexual habits has caused an increase in these cases in some countries. Researchers have therefore sought to determine what proportion of the HPV vaccine, used primarily for the protection of the uterus cervical cancer, is effective in preventing anal cancer.

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