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Warts are frequently called benign growths, they affect about 7 and 10% of the populace.


There are several treatments against genital warts. Solutions or creams for external use: the alcoholic solution of podophyllum or imiquimod. These drugs should be used with caution and only on medical advice. In addition to medication, it is possible to resort to surgery, cryotherapy, electrocautery or laser.

Warts and Pool

A wart is a benign disease that occurs due to a virus. The virus gets into through the skin and form a small “growth.” You can get warts on the hands or the feet (plantar warts) and other parts of the body.

Plantar warts

What are plantar warts? Why do they appear? Do some people predispose to warts? What treatments are effective? Let’s focus on these small growths that have such a bad reputation…

Autosuggestion, Wartrol, Salicylic Acid and other Ways for Warts Treating

My Child has Caught a Wart

Warts are caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus family (it was identified more than 70 types of this virus!). They come in the form of small skin growths that grow on the hands and fingers (in this case, they are called common warts) or on the soles of the feet (plantar warts are known for almost all little swimmers’ moms!).

Does HPV Cause Cancer?

In 90% of cases the immune system eliminates the virus from the body in less than two years. Only 10% of infections persist three years or more and are likely to lead to the development of precancerous lesions.

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