Autosuggestion, Wartrol, Salicylic Acid and other Ways for Warts Treating

My Child has Caught a Wart

Warts are caused by viruses of the human papillomavirus family (it was identified more than 70 types of this virus!). They come in the form of small skin growths that grow on the hands and fingers (in this case, they are called common warts) or on the soles of the feet (plantar warts are known for almost all little swimmers’ moms!).Autosuggestion, Wartrol, Salicylic Acid and other Ways for Warts Treating

It is really unknown why children are more susceptible to contamination than adults. A sudden fatigue, cracked or irritated skin … and the virus enters the skin of the child.

Treatment with … autosuggestion!

Treatment against warts has variable efficacy and offer little guarantee against recurrence. So, the first thing recommended by the dermatologist it is often … autosuggestion. Offer your child to soak a glass of water mixed with a “medicine” from warts (for example, a pinch of sugar!) … and there are chances to heal warts spontaneously after a few weeks! Miracle? No! Healing that is simply the elimination of the virus by its local system immunities.


If warts persist, there are different sorts of preparations containing salicylic acid or collodion (a “cousin” of aspirin) to apply on the stratum corneum.

Cryotherapy (cold therapy) allows to destroy the wart by “freezing” with an application of liquid nitrogen.

But these treatments are more or less painful and are not always supported by the children.

As for the laser, it is not recommended for children because it leaves wounds slow to heal.

And homeopathy?

Tablets composed of three most commonly prescribed remedies in homeopathy (cedar, antimonium crud and nitricum) just obtained their permission marketing. This treatment usually takes a month, and it is painless and can treat several warts at the same time. Such medicine as WARTROL is widely used for warts treating.