Fast-acting painless liquid


Easily removes common & plantarwarts caused by HPV


Safe and effective



Easy to use

345 seconds

Step 1

First, brush applicator is carefully immersed into the Wartrol liquid

100 seconds

Step 2

Then neatly spread Wartrol™ liquid on the wart and let it dry for a minute.

24 minutes

Step 3

It usually takes Wartrol™ liquid from 15 till 20 minutes to commence decomposing the wart. Note: the wart must be covered with nothing. Use neither bandage nor patch. These 3 steps must be repeated for three days to get rid of warts forever.

WARTROL is very often ordered by clients because:

  • it treats warts safely and effectively
  • it treats warts immediately
  • it is acheless
  • it promptly removes such kinds of warts as common and plantar warts which are caused by HP Virus
  • the power of this liquid is amazing
  • you’ll like its handy brush applicator
Molly Weise

“Warts were with me starting from my childhood. First they were common and plantar warts. Then when I grew up I was infected with genital warts. I tried dozens of differrent treatments starting with home remedies till laser. But WARTROL was the remedy which got rid me of all kinds of warts. Now thanks to it, my self-appraisal is much higher. That is why I want to express my gratitude to Wartrol!”

Molly Weise